Pre-Stockhausen round-up

Since Stockhausen is in London today and tomorrow for the Frieze Art Fair – today he’s giving an illustrated lecture, tomorrow a much-heralded performance of Kontakte and Oktophonie – here’s a quick round-up of what people are saying in anticipation of the event:

Charlotte Higgins at the Guardian‘s Culture Vulture blog is fretting over ticket prices (and booking fees).

The whole thing has cost me £76.50, the price of cheap flight to somewhere warm. He’d better twiddle those knobs well.

Past experience says don’t count on it;

Tim Stein in the Independent talks to the man himself;

And Ivan Hewett in the Telegraph expresses his regret for “a sage undone by megalomania”. On the contrary, it’s the loopy megalomania (which has been evident more or less from the start) which makes him enduringly fascinating. It’s the Finnegan’s Wake effect – it’s not so much the content of the book that is so interesting, but the fact that someone was bonkers enough to embark upon (moreover complete) such a project in the first place (and that goes for Gruppen too, which Hewett praises).


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