Links for the week

So, Pete Townshend is the latest blogging rocker, which may be of interest to Jessica Duchen, recent Who convert;

John Peel's records no longer look as though they will immediately be donated to the British Library, as his widow confesses that she can't bear to part with them for now;

Kyle Gann (and other ArtsJournal blogs) has redesigned (with comments enabled), and two important posts on Charles Ives (n.b.: because of a new permalink style you'll need to resubscribe your RSS to make the redesign work with your feed-reader);

And Resonance has a couple of cool podcasts worth checking out by nu-dub producer/DJ David Last and DJ Hue Jah Fink.

Edit: Almost forgot to mention that Boring Like a Drill has what looks to be the first instalment of reviews of the recent South Bank Xenakis Festival. Something which, unless I'm mistaken, all the broadsheets managed not to cover, so nice one Ben H.


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