Still here…

It’s been a while but don’t worry – I’ve not vanished permanently, only temporarily. Been attending various conferences on music, theology and Eastern Europe, thinking a lot about the relationship of aesthetic and historical, and calculating that Argentina are only the 5th most likely team to reach the World Cup semis (England are the 6th). (You heard it here first.)

So how’s you?


5 thoughts on “Still here…

  1. I reckon it’s:


    Argentina narrowly squeezed out, England likewise. Ukraine and France are outsiders.

    But that’s an opinion worked out entirely from goals scored vs goals conceded in the tournament thus far. If Argentina were playing any other team except Brazil, then they’d be going through. But I reckon Germany could have the edge.

  2. I’d say Argentina as Germany’s defense has looked quite weak at times.

    For Italy its all about whether Luca Toni and how the cope w/out Materazzi – if Toni scores they could go all the way.

    Love to see Portugal and France in the semis (afraid eng’s play has been so average i can’t cheer for them). All 4 are quite close to call but those two in partic.

  3. I was still chuffed over predicting 9 months ago that Australia would lose to Italy in the final 16, but then my girlfriend showed me her bet on the semi finalists being Portugal v France and Germany v Italy. No wonder she earns twice as much as me.

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