Musician Deathwatch | About this list

This week we bid farewell to the following members of the musical community:

:: Israel Kantor Cuban band leader
:: Ross Tompkins Jazz pianist
:: Irving Green Co-founder of Mercury Records
:: Cy Coben Songwriter
:: Johnny Jenkins Blues guitarist
:: Arif Mardin Record producer
:: Julian Slade Composer and lyricist
:: Arthur Malvin Emmy-winning composer and lyricist
:: Duane Roland Guitarist with Molly Hatchet
:: Howard Shanet Conductor, composer and writer
:: Claydes Charles Smith Guitarist with Kool and the Gang
:: Freddie Gorman Motown singer, songwriter and producer
:: Kathleen Belford Pianist
:: Peter Greenwell Composer and pianist
:: Julian Slade Theatre composer
:: Richard Kapp Conductor and pianist
:: Jack V. Anquoe Powwow performer
:: German Goldenshteyn Klezmer clarinettist

Rest in Peace.


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