In the wake of my Long Shadows mix, and my first outing as a mixer/masher/crasher of avant-classical tunes, I was invited by the eminent Droid of weareie to participate in a new blogging/podcasting venture he was setting up. Droid’s brought together the cream of some of the best blogging DJs, mixers and podcasters that I know of (and, er, me) to produce a fortnightly 60 minute podcast, plus full write-up/liner notes on our respective blogs. It’s called Blogariddims, and it’s gonna be big.
The first one is out now, and has already set the bar pretty high for the rest of us to follow: Droid and his colleague Slug have followed up on their classic Schwantology mix from February (a firm favourite at Rambler towers, an epic of dark, glutinous anti-ambient and now available with an equally epic write-up). Schwantology 2 is another great piece of work – more textured and varied I think than the first one, but just as full of surprising touches.

Here are the other contributors who have signed up so far:

Autonomic for the People
Different Waters
Grievous Angel
Idle Thoughts
The Riddim Method

It looks set to be a great series of music: you can sign up to the podcast feed here. Look out for my contribution on 14th December, which I’m already working on and about 10 minutes and 10 tracks into. It’s gonna be a sort of follow-up to Long Shadows, but with fewer concessions to stabilising influences from outside contemporary classical sounds. Nonstop avant-classical hits!

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