Links for the week

Blogariddims 2 is out now, courtesy of Nick Gutterbreakz, and is a retro techno monster. As the man says,

It’s about having some fun, getting a bit sentimental, having a bit too much to drink, making a pass at an old girlfriend and generally making a fool of yourself, but not really caring too much, because you’re among friends…and complete strangers

Get the full scoop here; sign up for the casts yourself here (and why wouldn’t you?).

And while we’re on the Gutterbreakz ting, be sure to check out his latest (and last?) dubstep mix, with accompanying interview over at

Elsewhere…. Tokafi interviews young avant gardist Dobrinka Tabakova; the Telegraph interviews old avant gardist Peter Maxwell Davies.

Women under-represented at this year’s Proms, report the Telegraph. The Independent prefers to dwell on the under-representation of non-Western classical music at a festival of Western classical music…

Interesting article from Tokafi on the poor service classical recording artists get from their record labels.

Hypebot has the EFF’s ‘9 Frequently Awkward Questions for the Music Industry‘.


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