Links for the week

Tokafi puts 15 questions to Kenneth Kirschner, experimental composer and freedom of information activist. Here’s Kirschner’s site, where you can download all his music, free, and with his blessing.

Christgau’s live music odyssey is worth a read.

ASCAP sues bar for karaoke singing ignoring cease and desist letters.

Cold War nostalgia corner: The newly opened DDR Alltagsmuseum, a museum of daily life in East Germany, is doing big business with curious Wessies. And these photos of West Germany’s government nuclear bunker date from a couple of years ago, but they’re no less chillingly stylish for that. One question though – why is only “one hair salon for 3,000 people” the caption rather than “bunker for the nuclear apocalypse comes with a fully equipped hair salon”? I don’t remember well-kept locks being a priority for Dr Strangelove.


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