Musician Deathwatch | About this list

This week we bid farewell to the following members of the musical community:

:: Katherine McGillivray Viola player
:: Leopold Simoneau Opera singer
:: Maynard Ferguson Jazz trumpeter
:: Jesse Pintado Metal Guitarist
:: James Tenney Composer
:: John Weinzweig Composer
:: ‘Lazy Ade’ Monsbourgh Jazz trombonist, saxophonist, pianist and bandleader
:: Walter E. Jagiello Polka singer and drummer
:: Bruce Gary Session drummer and producer
:: Barbara George R&B singer and songwriter
:: Ann Mason Stockton Film score harpist
:: Ed Thrasher Album cover artist
:: Bismillah Khan Shehnai virtuoso
:: Charles Farncombe Conductor and musical director of the Handel Opera Society
:: Joseph Hill Reggae singer
:: Milton Kaye Pianist and arranger
:: Johnny Duncan Country singer
:: Shiv Dayal Batish Multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer
:: Michael Hurd Composer, conductor and writer
:: John Locke Keyboard player with Spirit

Rest in Peace.


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