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Blogariddims 6: Collide/Coalesce. This came out yesterday, and of all the mixes we’ve had so far, I guess this one works best for this date. Ian SoundsLike who put it together is also the first one of us to actually put the date of release into his ident – I don’t know if this was a deliberate move, but it added anew dimension to something I’ve been listening to regularly for the last few weeks. It’s a beautiful piece of work. SoundsLike has been posting his ‘texturematched’ mixes to Dissensus for while now – there are at least three others that I can recall – and while they’re all wonderful things, I think this is the best so far. The historical range is a little narrower than some mixes (one earlier one includes Vivaldi and Mozart), which helps tie it together, but more to the point I think the overall flow of this mix works best – it doesn’t feel like an hour long, yet it doesn’t sit still for long at any point, it’s such a dense piece of work. The corner tracks that shape its skeleton – Björk and Robert Wyatt, Suicide, Rachel’s over Stockhausen, Arthur Russell, Reich over Can, are strong enough to fit over and among almost anything, but SoundsLike has a real knack for picking out surprising connections between tracks and across the whole mix. The whole thing – incorporating Krautrock, British electronica and industrial, American jazz and avant-garde, Tanzanian tribal song, and lots more, emerges with the sound of a sort of freeform global folk-funk, which sounds like an exciting place to put your ears. Sign up now.

The Lisps – The Vain, The Modest, and The Dead. Debut EP from Sammy Tunis and César Alvarez’s band (César also plays things and stuff with Corey Dargel if you’re wondering where you’ve seen his name mentioned on the blog before). Five mostly cute, indie-ish songs that at first appear catchily straightforward, but actually get stranger the more you listen to them, as they aren’t quite how you remember them, the playing just slightly not what you thought it was, and the arrangements disarmingly detailed and off-kilter. The EP’s lead track, ‘Pepper Spray’ is downloadable from the Lisps’ site, but the EP is well worth buying on top of this for the other tracks, which include a frantic live number ‘Chaos’ that includes the best pocket summary of chaos theory I know of – ‘That’s just the way snowflakes work / They’re never exactly the same / But they’re never anything but snowflakes’.


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  1. Just happened to find this kind mention, searching for a link to the mix for a friend who asked about it, almost a couple years late. Thanks so much for your thoughtful ears. That mix was a lot of work, but a lot of fun.

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