Musician Deathwatch | About this list

This week we bid farewell to the following members of the musical community:

:: Thomas Stewart Opera singer
:: Henry Townsend Blues singer and guitarist
:: Alfred Mann Musicologist
:: Paul Vance Songwriter Oops – no, he’s alive
:: James H. Schwabacher Jr. Singer
:: Boz Burrell Rock bassist
:: Armin Jordan Opera conductor
:: Joe Glazer Composer and collector of protest songs
:: Danny Flores Rockabilly saxophonist
:: Richard Burmer Keyboardist and composer
:: Aladar Pege Bassist
:: Etta Baker Blues guitarist
:: Pat Jenkins Trumpeter with the Savoy Sultans
:: Carol Kaye Singer with the Kaye sisters
:: Malcolm Arnold Composer for films and the concert hall
:: Ira Brilliant Beethoven scholar
:: Bennie Smith Blues guitarist
:: Norman Kelly Opera singer
:: Eoin Hamilton Composer, producer, arranger and conductor
:: Adrian Secchi Composer, conductor and teacher
:: Ian Hamer Jazz trumpeter, composer and bandleader
:: Burt Goldblatt Jazz album cover designer
:: Richard Egues Flautist and songwriterRest in Peace.

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