New music download sites

By way of a service to other ‘iPod Oldies’ (sorry, I’m still tickled by this idea), here’s a quick selection of paid download sites where you can get your new and experimental classical music from. As ever, this list is far from complete, and I will add to it as and when I come across new sites. Feel free to add suggestions in the comments

Critical Notice. Produced by the British Music Information Centre, this site unsurprisingly includes Brit-only composers. But composition is in a pretty interesting place here at the moment, with the result being a pretty attractive roster of names. More please!

Lontano Records Ltd, or Lorelt for short – download site of top new music ensemble Lontano, and the first independent classical record label in the UK to offer its own MP3 downloads. Focusses on contemporary music, music by women composers, and Latin American classical music.

7Things. Commissions new albums from (mostly) experimental artists, which are available as either one-off purchases of the whole recording or as a subscription (16 albums per year).


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