Links for the week

Somewhat Dial M-oriented this week, to whom first thanks for pointing me to Mark Zobel’s new musicology blog (that’s a musicology blog that’s new, not a blog on new musicology), The Key of Z. We’re going to take over the world!*

Also on Dial M, Phil Ford is “totally stoked” about the upcoming AMS annual conference, but blogs cautionary about the terrors of being a young graduate/apprentice scholar at such events. I recognise myself all too well. Jonathan Bellman has an alternative view, and some words of advice to cling to in such times of need.

Elsewhere, Woebot has a typically tasty survey of Nonesuch’s electronic output. Gutterbreakz responds in kind with a survey of the best of the Moog albums.

*At this rate, 24 more and we’ll have taken over the alphabet too…


One thought on “Links for the week

  1. I don’t know if I should feel sad or happy for myself that I own two of the same Moog albums that Gutterbreakz has. Many years ago I even blogged about that Moog version of Ravel’s Bolero.

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