Stockhausen on YouTube

Spot the difference:

Guy Coma, mistaken for Guy Kewney

Karlheinz Stockhausen interviewed on the BBC’s Culture Show


Taxi driver Guy Coma interviewed on the BBC’s News 24

Thanks to Avant Music News for spotting this absolute gem. A 7-minute clip from an edition of BBC 2’s Culture Show, featuring Stockhausen. It includes a rare interview with the man that must rank as one of the stupidest I’ve ever seen. You’ve got just 11 minutes (we only see 5 here – how bad must the rest have been?) with one of the towering figures in 20th-century musical history. What’s your first question?

‘Could you tell me what the most beautiful, or most interesting sound you’ve ever heard is?’

And your second question?

‘So what do you think about melody? Do you hum tunes?’

To his great credit Stockhausen is by turns patient (the Berg/Schoenberg/’degenerate music’ question is a shocker), honest, talkative, and keeps exactly to time. Bonus material – ideologically edited archive material of Stockhausen looking like a wacky atonal weirdo, and some nice snippets of him rehearsing 3x Refrain.


7 thoughts on “Stockhausen on YouTube

  1. Yes that interview ws very disappointing..the culture show also interviewed Elliott Carter (round the time of his season at the rfh) and similar questions of the music’s ‘difficulty’ were asked. It was slightly better, but you felt he gave stock answers to the same questions asked over and over again..not saying that these aren’t interesting questions but the ppl with the microphone have to sit down and think about ways of asking that will get ineteresting answers (or arguments).

    It’s coverage of contemporary music (or any music – from 50 cent to Scott Walker to Carter) really explodes the whole mission of the ‘culture show’ to cover lots and do it well.

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