Links for the week

Phil Ford of Dial M on (non-)ironic distance in music:

There’s a common point of view within popular music scholarship that understands such moments as instances of critical trangression — that is, moments in which mass-culture dreck is redeemed through an artist’s creative redefinition of it. … This “ironic distance” style of interpretation clearly doesn’t explain Mixmaster Mike’s cut-up of “Ramblin’ on my Mind.” Mixmaster Mike isn’t keeping his distance from the song he’s cutting up; neither does his scratching represent some kind of triumph over or diminishment of it.

Matthew Guerrieri of Soho the Dog has more:

I always assumed that it was pretty much the same thing we all do when we find a really wicked piece of music and immediately begin pestering everyone we know to listen to it. You have to hear this. And the more I thought about it, the more I decided that the whole concept of “ironic distance” was dissing hip-hop musicianship.

The moral: assume an artist is working with “ironic distance” at your peril.

Another excellent post from Matthew – estimating what it would actually cost to fill a sympony season with new music. Not as much as you’d think is the answer.

The 13th post in tokafi’s series ‘The Crisis of Classical Music’ tackles the distributors.

Just in time for the mid-terms, DJ C puts out a mix of the Bush-dissingest tracks around.

Also on the mix tip, deeptime’s contribution for Blogariddims is a choice selection of grime and UKG from the London pirate scene.
And remember – dyb dyb dyb, dob dob dob, don’t infringe copyright.


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