Links for the week

A lovely post at Tim Mangan’s Classical Life reproducing a 2003 article on Tower Records’ classical sales guy, Charlie Brand.

This (warning: sound) animated, automatic music box is way cooler than you’d first think. (Via Dial M/Crooked Timber.)

Get ’em while they’re ‘ot: mp3 live recordings from the Whitney museum’s recent Reich extravaganza.

Matthew Guerrieri tracks down a man who could play those ‘impossible’ chords in Charles Ives’s piano music.

Be sure to check out the Pianoless Vexations mp3s recently added to Ubuweb.

And this story’s a few days old now, but I love it, so here you go: Teen Using MySpace to Lure Bands to Los Angeles.


3 thoughts on “Links for the week

  1. Argh! you got to that Whitney ting before me!

    Its great isnt it? Especially the hand cranked one. You could proably build something like that in logic fairly easily…

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