Unexpected observations upon visiting New York

p1000019.JPGTwenty-four hours after arriving home I’m well-rested, seemingly over the jetlag, caught up on my emails and most of my blog reading, and somehow reviewed a concert last night (György and Martá Kurtág piano duet – awesome). My girl and I were in NYC for her birthday (I think she said it was her 21st) and had a great time. Some surprises though:

Hearing Stravinsky’s Symphonies of Wind over commercial classical radio in a cheap internet cafe. Cool.

London: young composer/performers have to charge £8-10 a head to put on concerts, even after government grants; New York: young composer/performers can put shows on for free. (OK, not all, but I know of nothing in London like Kathleen Supové’s Music With a View.

New Yorkers are really, really nice people – don’t believe the reputation. In comparison this makes me think London is actually the rudest place on the planet.

However – plastic crockery in restaurants (even half-decent ones). What is this?!

    To illustrate the mood of pleasant surprises, I attach a picture I bet no one else has ever taken before. … Oh, right …


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