Links for the week

I figure I probably owe you some of these…

lights_rs.jpgWell, the spat between Norman Lebrecht and Pliable is very entertaining. (Henry Fogel weighs in too.) I particularly like Lebrecht’s remark that blogs have a “nutritional value lower than a bag of crisps”. (Is this more, or less, nutrition than tomorrow’s fish and chips wrappers?) You see, if we dined on haut cuisine like the Evening Standard all day, well, we’d just get sick. Naturally, the Rambler is proud to be low in carbs, low in calories and low in salt. Just the way you like it.

Actually, the only other thing to have caught my eye this week is a cool post on Antipopper about the idea of ‘the social’ in Microsoft’s current Zune advertising, and the phallocentric nature of music player advertising in general (Steve Jobs on sharing music: “just take one of your earbuds out and put it in her ear“).


One thought on “Links for the week

  1. That was my favorite line as well. For the record: I made it all the way through graduate school subsisting solely on American variants of crisps (Doritos, actually). I doubt I’d have made it through subsisting solely on Norman Lebrecht.

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