Tee hee hee

If you read the New York Times you’ll already have seen this story about a parody performance of U2’s ‘One’ leaked from a recent Bank of America conference. (You know you want to see that – here it is.) Well, despite hilarious appearances it is not, in fact, a piece of viral marketing, but actually for real. The difference between viral marketing videos that clog up your inbox every day and a real video of BoA employess singing about how great they are? If you post the latter, you could get sued – as Stereogum found out when they were served with a cease and desist for reporting the story.

The truly mind-melting thing about all this – as WFMU points out – is the corporate circle jerk going on here. Universal Music are pissed that the Bank of America are parodying (which is, you know, perfectly OK, guys) a song by one of the most corporate rock acts on the planet who, in a final irony, quite enjoy promoting their own banking products. Meanwhile, it’s yr humble blogger who’s getting the C and D at the bottom of the heap. Honestly. If it wasn’t for the fact that within days Modest Mouse and Johnny Marr were themselves parodying the parody at a New York show, the whole business would have no upside at all.

Sing along now:

And we’ll
Make lots of money
Forever I can sing
About trusting in teamwork
And doing the right thing
We’ll live out our core values
While the competition crawls
‘cause they want what we have got
But it’s only here
At Bank of America


4 thoughts on “Tee hee hee

  1. I find that video most amazing for the sartorial signs of servitude on display. I have known many musician friends who, over the years, gave up flying their freak flags, cut off their hair, and marched into Corporania (usually after birth of first offspring). These two guys could have started life as musicians, and turned it in. But when you see the clothing signs of belonging, that don’t even look good but simply flash the sign that they are house trained and will kiss hand for money, it makes one glad to have chosen to travel on, for richer or poorer, but still ones own.

  2. That video is awesome. To make it more fun, I’m going to assume that the performers are sincere and the public is, too, in its applause. The legal silliness is just the icing on the cake.

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