Links for the week

Andrew Gower, editor of the Financial Times, is my new best friend. He was hired by Gordon Brown to investigate the possibility of extending the current 50-year copyright provision for recordings, and according to the Independent he will be advising against increasing the provision. Obviously he wasn’t sold on the record companies’ arguments that 50 years’ profits from Elvis and Beatles recordings wasn’t enough to invest in properly developing new acts. Surprisingly, Katie Melua is lining up alongside genuine oldies Sir Cliff Richard and Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson in calling for the extension. Someone should remind her that still has at least 48 years left to make money from her recording career – or maybe that ridiculous lyric was supposed to read “Feeling twenty-two, acting seventy“. (And here’s the lovely Mick Hucknall’s view, if you can stomach it.)

And what’s this? Another small copyfight victory – yay – the US copyright office has amended its digital rules. Not enough yet, say the EFF, but a start.

Elsewhere – Simon Holt and Jonathon Dove do well at the British composer awards; so does Jonny Greenwood.

Lily Allen lashes out at the “sexist” NME.

Visit Arkiv Music for out-of-print classical recordings on demand. (More)

Ivan Hewett reviews the last concert in the RCM’s Lachenmann series; I was at the earlier orchestral concert in the series, featuring the RCM orchestra playing Ausklang and Kontrakadenz, and it had to rate as one of my top musical experiences of the year. Absolutely superb.


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