Radio 3’s ‘Mixing It’ to be axed?

Bad news from the Radio 3 message boards.

Quoting an email received by one poster from the BBC:

(20 November 2006 11:13)
Thank you for your interest in Radio 3. We really appreciate all feedback from our listeners and so it is good of you to take the time and trouble to write. It is true that Mixing It will not appear in the new schedule, but we have not yet announced all the changes and some of the press reporting of the changes has been inaccurate. I do hope that you will find much to enjoy on Radio 3 and that you will continue to give us feedback once the new schedule is in place.

With best wishes

Graham Dixon
Managing Editor
BBC Radio 3

Update (12 Feb 2007): following the final Mixing It broadcast, Mark Russell has posted a few words to his site explaining the story as he sees it. They make sad reading. (thanks to commentor sig for the heads up)

15 thoughts on “Radio 3’s ‘Mixing It’ to be axed?

  1. Haven’t heard an edition of “Mixing it” for 2 years but it was excellent listening, not least bcz it was interesting to hear Mark and Robert disagree with each other.

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens to R3’s jazz output, or, if the eclectic is under threat, “Late Junction”.

  2. That’s really bad news. Mixing It is one of the few radio shows I listen to avidly. I have discovered so much new music through that show that I would have been very unlikely to hear elsewhere. I have bought loads of CDs and gone to many concerts as a direct result of hearing tracks on the show. Another very sad example of the dumbing down of the BBC.

    In answer to the above poster, Late Junction is going to survive but with less shows (2 a week I think).

    Apparently there’s not enough classical music on Radio 3! Hello??

  3. devastating news! mark and robert’s wranglings with Merzbow et al was the funiest thing on the radio and Mixing It was easily my favourite radio show – true eclecticism and droopy-eyed delivery – hearing a friends track come on was a ridiculous highlight and now i’ll never be able to match him…

    what the fuck are Radio 3 up to? They should have given M n R 5 nights…

  4. There’s a rumour that it is going to be replaced by a free podcast – not sure what form that will take (but licensing all the music will take effort and money, so I don’t know how much there’ll be).

  5. I can’t believe they’re doing this. Mixing It has been such a beautiful source of new stuff to hear – the only good source for a lot of stuff since John Peel died, for me at least. They’d better have a good plan in place (@Tim: since a lot of the content is submitted by unsigned acts, and since there are moves afoot to ease podcast licensing, I’m not sure a podcast would be as difficult as you suspect).

  6. If you’re a regular or occasional ‘Mixing It’ listener, please email [][/EMAIL] and give them your support – they will forward your message to the Controller Of Radio 3.

    They don’t want to go!

  7. is a copy of my email to the team

    “Whilst downstreaming the latest show I was utterly pole axed to hear
    that Mixing It is to be culled. Without doubt you are one of the few
    reasons I bother to listen to corporate radio anymore. The show
    relentlessly turns me on to musicians and art that I would otherwise
    never have heard of. Its hard to articulate how angry and upset I am
    at this news. I guess I will have to utilise web options such as Last
    FM and Resonance FM ( I don’t live in London) more now. At the exactly
    the time when public radio should be wooing the new breed they seem to
    enjoy driving over the cliffs of Beachy Head. Unforgivable!

    My deepest fondest regards to all of you at Mixing It, thank you so
    much for your inspiring work over the years.”

    So where do like minded souls go from here?


  8. Would all those who feel strongly enough about the appalling decision to axe Mixing It from the airwaves BOMBARD BBC’s Feedback (on R4) and Complaints process with your views. At least that way we will have ensured that MI doesn’t disappear without a trace …. there will be a record of disgruntlement.


  9. For those that are interested, here’s what I sent to the BBC complaints division:

    I was distressed to learn recently that Radio 3 have decided to axe Mixing It, one of the station’s longest-running shows, and one of a dwindling number to regularly feature modern, experimental and avant-garde music. Radio 3 was once a powerful supporter of all music that fell out outside the popular remit of Radios 1 and 2 and commercial stations, providing a public service to anyone with ears that wanted to be stretched, and a lifeline to those who made such music. It is difficult to understand why the BBC, of all institutions, should be so keen to abandon a much-loved, unique programme that served the listening public in a way that no other national station could provide. It can’t be because this hour and quarter of two chaps playing CDs they like by cottage-industry avant gardists is expensive to run; nor indeed that their late Saturday night slot is especially desirable for more mainstream programming. Surely this can’t be another example of the BBC’s fatuous pursuit of ratings? Well rest assured, you can count on having lost this listener.

  10. I just received a reply today – looks like a form response, but here it is:

    Thank you for your e-mail regarding ‘Mixing It’.

    As I am sure you are aware, BBC Radio 3’s new schedule comes into effect from February 17 2007.

    We feel that the range and variety of what Radio 3 does has been enhanced by this new schedule. Changes to the afternoon and evening programming will enable greater breadth of classical music broadcasts, building on the station’s commitment to live music, orchestras and venues throughout the UK. This – in conjunction with Radio 3’s ambitious speech and drama programming – demonstrates the station’s ongoing dedication to artistic and cultural life throughout the UK and beyond.

    We work very hard to bring interesting, entertaining and innovative programmes to the airwaves that will engage with a significant proportion of the whole Radio 3 audience. The BBC carries out a great deal of detailed research to determine what each part of the audience wants, carefully considering what goes into the schedule and planning the placement and timing of each programme within it.

    As with any change to a radio schedule, we expect that the changes will generate a great deal of listener comment; it is an indication of how important the station is to each individual listener.

    Consequently, I can assure you that comments such as your own are valued as a monitor of public reaction to the service we provide, and the points you have raised have been registered and drawn to the attention of senior management and programme makers concerned.

    You can also find more detailed information on the upcoming changes at the website of the BBC Press Office:

    I hope that you will enjoy the new schedule and may I thank you, once again, for taking the time to contact the BBC with your views.


    Paul Kettle
    BBC Information

  11. I have started a group on Last.FM called ‘Mixing It’

    I too am sorry to see the programme go, I wonder if Six Music will pick it up once the BBC see the strength of feeling on the matter, 6 would be a good place for the show as there are already several shows in a similar vein; the Freak Zone for one, I have often heard the same artists played on FZ and MI.

    In the meantime it is my hope that the group member radio will serve to provide a similar experience (musically at least, we can never replace Mark and Robert of course).

    Anyone can join, especially If you have several MI regulars in you playlist.

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