Whassup? Back from my travels, more later… (Interested that in my absence, the blog reached WordPress’s top 100 growing blogs. Not for the first time, it turns out things go better when I shut up.)


4 thoughts on “Back…

  1. How was Japan, Australia & New Zealand,Tim?
    I lived in Melbourne for 5 years but also went up often to Sydney…to its famous Bondi Beach.
    This is the first time I’ve popped by.
    Happy New Year.

  2. Hi Susan, thanks for dropping by! The holiday was fantastic. If I can condense it down to a sensible-sized post I’ll write one soon. Japan and New Zealand were both amazing, and I loved Melbourne too. Sydney – well, the weather wasn’t too kind to us. Here‘s a picture of beautiful Bondi beach to show what I mean. Nice!

  3. Hey Stuart – yeah, Tokyo amazing. Only wish we could have stayed longer – will almost certainly be back one day. Thanks for the info by the way – sadly we didn’t get to see sunset at the bay. Only had five days and they were crammed. Next time…

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