Links for the week

As MusicIndustry 1.0 enters its final death throes, it all comes down to where you’re sitting to watch the show. If, for example, you’re an ex-Runrig keyboard player and Scottish National Party MP, then the outlook seems pretty bleak* to you, what with all this pesky finite copyright and all. (BTW, could someone point out to Mr Wishart that session players are often paid on a flat-fee basis, so they rarely make much money when that session they did for some unknown goes stellar. Ain’t no copyright ruling gonna change that.)

It looks even worse if you’re sitting in the major label boardrooms, with CD sales bombing so badly that execs are rumoured to be contemplating the end of DRM.

All of which is why, even though I don’t care much about The Koopas, this story makes me happy this morning. MusicIndustry 2.0 is just around the corner.

*Dare I say dour, even?


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