Musician Deathwatch | About this list

Something of a backlog to catch up on, going back to November, but this week we bid farewell to the following members of the musical community:

:: Joe Stanley Saxophonist and singer
:: Dick Wetmore Jazz violinist
:: Alice Coltrane Jazz pianist, harpist and composer
:: Michael Brecker Jazz saxophonist
:: Janos Furst Violinist and conductor
:: Sneaky Pete Kleinow Steel guitarist
:: Braguinha Composer of Brazilian carnival songs
:: Pierre Delanoë Songwriter
:: Elspeth Iliff Violin teacher
:: Jay McShann Blues pianist and singer
:: Freddie Marsden Merseybeat drummer
:: Georgia Gibbs Singer
:: Ahmet Ertegün Founder of Atlantic records
:: Dave Mount Drummer with Mud
:: Denis Payton Saxophonist with the Dave Clark Five
:: Mick Mulligan Jazz trumpeter and bandleader
:: Walter Ward Singer with The Olympics
:: Martha Titlon Big band singer
:: Kenny Davern Jazz and swing clarinettist
:: Walter Booker Jazz bassist
:: James Brown Soul singer
:: Don Butterfield Jazz tuba player
:: Dennis Linde Songwriter
:: Del Reeves Grand Ole Opry star
:: Daniel Pinkham Composer, organist, harpsichordist and conductor
:: Galina Ustvolskaya Composer
:: Dave Black Jazz drummer with Duke Ellington
:: Nina Milkina Concert pianist
:: Buddy Killen Music publisher and songwriter
:: Arthur Shimkin Producer of children’s records
:: Basil Poledouris Film composer
:: Mariska Veres Shocking Blue singer
:: Arlene Zallman Composer and professor
:: Hank Shaw Trumpeter and bandleader
:: Alan Freeman DJ
:: Robert McFerrin Opera singer
:: Anita O’Day Swing singer
:: Robert Lockwood Jr Blues guitarist
:: Emanuel Hurwitz Violinist and teacher
:: John Veale Composer
:: Ruth Brown R&B singer

Rest in Peace.


2 thoughts on “Musician Deathwatch

  1. Just in case you want to add these:

    Cynthia Steljes, oboist and co-founder of Quartetto Gelato (died December 29)

    Ralph Gomberg, 85, principal oboist with the Boston Symphony for 37 years (died December 2)

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