RIOT: Can music change the world?

Something for the politically-minded among you:


spnm presents a performance and discussion of new music, theatre and political protest.

Friday 9 Feb: LONDON, LSO St Luke’s
Tickets: £12 (£8 concs). Just £5 for spnm members!

Manchester RNCM: Saturday 10 February
Tickets: £13 (£9 concs). Just £5 for spnm members!

For full event details, see

Looks like it could be an interesting do, with some fine music to boot.


2 thoughts on “RIOT: Can music change the world?

  1. Can it? No. Ha! I just saved everyone three hours and 12 quid. Oh alright, I’m a sucker for performances of “Coming Together”.

    If I found out earlier about the Phil Niblock gig I’d have dropped a comment here. The exhibition (with recorded music) is still on at Sketch in Conduit St for the next month or so.

  2. Looking at the programme for the 9th right now and trying to hunt down some samples. Quite enjoyed the two works by Claudia Molitor but not so much the extracts from a cpl of the others (but they were extracts).

    That Niblock looks really interesting — the perf ws of course by a cpl of members from Band of Susans, who were awesome in their time.

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