Some odd things I found today

Another long day in Colindale newspaper library. It’s scary, and probably not something I should admit, but I feel like I’m doing more research in this final year of my PhD than I did in my first…

Anyway, two amusing things discovered amongst the rolls of microfilm.

1. On 3rd March 1971, organist Xavier Dorasse had to pull a performance of Ligeti’s Volumina from his London concert because when he first hit that all-notes, all-stops blazing chord at the beginning, he blew the organ’s fuses.

2. On 22nd November 1973, London audiences were faced with a choice that looks agonising in retrospect, but of which they likely weren’t aware at the time: go and see John Tilbury playing Feldman, or Zoltán Kocsis playing Kurtág? 33 years later, either of those gigs would kill. Wow.


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