Mixing it on Resonance 104.4 fm tonight

Good news: the first Mixing It show from their new Resonance FM location is to be broadcast tonight, 11pm. Also streamed online for everyone outside London. Here’s a tracklist to whet your appetite:

01. Ergo Phizmiz: Aubers Vespers Farnaby Absalom Mix
track 9 Nose Points In Different Directions-Music by Ergo Phizmiz 2001-2006 Womb Records

02. Soulsavers: Jesus Of Nothing
track 2 on cd single – from album “it’s not how far you fall, it’s the way you land” v2 records

03. Yoko Ono with DJ Spooky: Rising
track 2 from “yes i’m a witch” parlophone

04. Henryk Gorecki: String Quartet No 3 op 67 “…. songs are sung” 3rd Movement, Allegro Sempre Ben Marcato – Kronos Quartet
nonesuch records out march 20th

05. Fulborn Teversham: Count Herbert II
track 2 from album “count Herbert II” Pickled Egg Records

06. Luc Ferrari: Saliceburry Cocktail (2002) part 3 and a bit of Part 4
tracks 9 & 10 from “Son Memorise” 1976-2002 Sub Rosa

07. Stabmaster Vinyl: Bear In A G String
track 5 from “the soft, smooth, luxurious sound of high quality recordings” compilation

08. Duo Baars – Henneman: Ruby Slippers
track 6 from album “Stof” Stichting Wig Records, Amsterdam

09. Feedle: Everything Slow
track 4 from album “leave now for adventure” Illicit Recordings

10. David Toop: Auscultation
track 2 from album “Sound Body” samadhisound

Oh, and Resonance are on a big fundraising jag at the moment, so send ’em a donation, or risk losing it. (And you know the BBC aren’t gonna take their shows back.)


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