Links for the week sounds great on paper – a collaborative blog between Annie Gosfield, Alvin Curran, Michael Gordon, and Glenn Branca – but the NY Times have hidden it behind a pay-to-read firewall, so I have no idea if it is. Boooo Wait, you can see it now. And it is good.

Modal minority on bad film representations of composers. [via aworks]

Barrington-Coupe in interview. I’ve heard rumours of one or two labels possibly putting together cases against him, but it’s not clear-cut how much a judge would award against B-C. A sympathetic judge would leave it at damages for sales lost, and I imagine the record companies would be better off surfing the current wave of international publicity for their recordings (for which there is a rich backlist of very generous reviews) to re-release and clean up that way. This way a man is left with his grief, the record companies make money, the original recordings get the attention they deserve, and no more blood is spilt. Let’s hope that’s what happens…

We need to revive the lost art of composition, says Stephen Hough in the Guardian.

Hey, are you reading this from Tehran? Go and see this: “Tehran Symphony Orchestra conductor Nader Mashayekhi plans to test Iranian tastes for the unusual music of U.S. avant-garde composer John Milton Cage, Jr. with his 46“. I especially love Mashayekhi’s ‘what the hell, let’s see if this works’ attitude:

“It will be interesting to find out whether there is any penchant for Cage’s works among Iranians or not, and if so, to what degree,” Mashayekhi told the Tehran Times on Monday.

“The performance will provide a great benefit for us Iranians because I think that Iranians are not accustomed to listening to different kinds of music. Every genre of music reflects an aspect of human life,” he added.

Via soho the dog: Matthew’s also really good on Herbert Brün this week.


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