4 thoughts on “I’m not dead yet!

  1. Since Alex Ross doesn’t have comments (boo! boo!), I’ll comment here.

    It’s a niche market that is itself a vast conglomeration of sub-niches, from early music to the avant-garde, from Furtw√§ngler fanciers to Toscanini types, none of whom ever agree

    That’s it exactly. I will never, ever buy a Handel opera, Steve Reich/minimalist or Brahms CD (to cite a few examples) but I have 9 recordings of Pierrot Lunaire and every recording ever released of Korngold’s Die Tote Stadt (including a DVD), not to mention my extensive collection of CD’s containg Birtwistle’s Earth Dances.

    The old record company model actually worked, the idea that you put out quality recordings and they sold steadily across generations (the same model was used for jazz). But like they made a hash of the rock/pop side, the bean counters screwed up the classical side too.

    But, you know, it’s best to keep this news that the classical industry *isn’t* collapsing, but plodding along like usual, to ones self or else the Nattering Nabobs of Negativism that profit from writing doom and gloom scenarios/offering their consulting services to reverse the trend will be out of work.

    What a great scene from the Holy Grail you picked for your illustration.

  2. If you have another look at ‘Soho the Dog’ you will see that I have actually agreed with you.
    I am really only expressing the point of view that I can understand why they would want to retain the music within the family.

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