Links for the week

The UK premiere of Gruppen in 1961 makes number 3 in the Scotsman‘s Top 20 Scottish Classical Music Events of All Time.

The latest Paris Transatlantic is out, and includes feature reviews on Radu Malfatti, New Phonic Art and Charlemagne Palestine.

Experimental composer Celeste Hutchins is auctioning commissions of short works on eBay. I think this s kind of interesting because it reverses the usual commissioning process in which rich patrons pay for a new piece of music as a way of acquiring prestige; here you pay for a work as a way of getting … a new piece of music.

Three big posts (1, 2, 3) by Kyle Gann on the pop and the classical.

Alex Ross has, available for download, a track by Alexandra Gardner from her rather splendid Innova album Luminoso (which I reviewed a while back). I recommend you give it a listen, then I recommend you buy the album.


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