Links for the week

Not much to report on this week. Maybe the internet’s having as hectic a time of it at the moment as me? Still, Boring Like a Drill manages to fire off a well-aimed disgruntlement in the direction of “spatialised electroacoustics”.

There’s good contemporary, christian music out there, but it doesn’t describe itself as Contemporary Christian. Now that electroacoustic music is ten-a-penny, spatialisation is the new incursion of ossified academicism: there’s infrastructure and funding needed to support that, with the attendant accumulation of material resources to legitimise cultural authority that the music cannot substantiate on its own.

I love this post on “The Edge of the Beat” by Daniel Wolf: it just reads like exemplary, thoughtful blogging to me – it’s about nothing and everything, compact philosophy to keep the imagination ticking over, and loaded with astute observations.

And apparently crappy national radio is turning more and more listeners to the pirates.


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