Blogariddims on WHRB

Big news on the Blogariddims front – Greg, of Beat Diaspora, is going to set aside one of his ‘orgy’ sessions on Harvard’s WHRB radio to play all 22 blogariddims sets back to back later this week. Seriously. That’s pretty much an entire day of the world’s most diverse mixtape series – Harvard, you lucky people. If it’s all done in order, I think my two efforts are going to be up with the larks at 5am on Thursday, and disturbing the milkman at 7am on Friday. Wakey wakey!

Here are the details you need:

11 hours (wed 5/16, 10 pm to thur 5/17, 9 am)
+ 12 hours (thur 5/17, 8 pm to fri 5/18, 8 am)
= 23 hours of the entire blogariddims podcast in order of appearance

A co-production of the Record Hospital ( and The Darker Side (,
both programs of WHRB Cambridge
Broadcasting live across Boston on 95.3 FM / Streaming live on the web at

Note – as well as broadcasting around Boston, the whole shebang’s gonna be streamed live too.

(Suspicious looking batons will not be required.)


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