Links for the week

Update: Thought to have been lost, Feldman’s composition The Possibility of a New Work for Electric Guitar has been discovered. Ben.H has the scoop.

The Washington Post has an article on radio station WETA, now resurrected and apparently thriving on broadcasts of classical music, without advertising, and with longer works heard uninterrupted. You see – it can be done.

Lawrence Kramer’s article in the NYT calling for concert halls to be more like museums is provocative and comes with a good deal of sense.

Darcy has more coverage of this year’s Bang on a Can Marathon than you will ever need: liveblog, photos, more photos.

An interesting piece on guerilla phonographer Christopher DeLaurenti.

This lengthy piece in the Daily Kos on Owen Wingrave is worth some of your eyeball time. (Via Renewable Music.)

Renewable Music also delivers the goods in this piece on Electronic Folk Music.

And this comes via a correspondent to Soho The Dog, and is too funny not to share:

Our friend Alex Freeman sends along this photo. As he descibes it: “Rare footage of Fidel Castro trying to coach Pierre Trudeau in a pick-up performance of Clapping Music.”

“Come on, asere, you just do the same thing over and over again…. No, no, you pasty man, I’M the one going out of phase. Stay on your own part! STOP CLAPPING WITH ME!”

As too is this self-review from Police drummer Stewart Copeland (from Darcy).

Andy has started the opening guitar riff to MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE and the crowd is going nuts. Problem is, I missed hearing him start. Is he on the first time around or the second? I look over at Sting and he’s not much help, his cue is me – and I’m lost. Never mind. “Crack!” on the snare and I’m in, so Sting starts singing. Problem is, he heard my crack as two in the bar, but it was actually four – so we are half a bar out of sync with each other. Andy is in Idaho.

Who hasn’t been there, eh?


2 thoughts on “Links for the week

  1. The other big news today is that Other Minds, with a bit of prodding from Chris Villars, has found a recording of Morton Feldman’s lost (well, stolen actually) composition “The Possibility of a New Work for Electric Guitar”. It was announced on the Why Patterns? mailing list.

    That Stewart Copeland post is a gem.

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