music we’d like to hear – 2007

OK, one more. I picked up a flyer at last night* for music we’d like to hear‘s 2007 programme, which happens on three Thursdays next month. Maddeningly I’m not going to be able to make either of the first two, but you should. Particularly Markus Trunk’s selection on 12th July:

Robert Schumann: Romanzen & Balladen

Alvin Lucier: Unamuno

Christopher Fox: The Missouri Harmony

John Dunstable: Ave maris stella

Claudia Molitor: Das Schwein, Das Schwein

Alvin Lucier: Sizzles

That, ladies and gentleman, is a programme.

More details are here.

*Really, really good, incidentally. Brannick’s rendition of Zyklus was superb – crisp, refined, delicate without going soft and completely convincing. Stockhausen really was (still is? maybe) a genius. And Surtaal? Well – playing so good it made tears well up.


2 thoughts on “music we’d like to hear – 2007

  1. Was?! Was a genius?! 😉

    He’ll be 80 next year, and he’s still going strong! Still writing magical, amazing music. ‘Zyklus’ is a stunner, though.

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