Catching up

It’s been a slightly mad two weeks, with involvement in two major conferences – the International Conference on Music Since 1900 at York, and the International Musicological Society’s quinquennial shindig in Zurich last week – so forgive me if I’ve seemed remiss in keeping this thing up to date recently.

I may well have things to say about the two conferences – I have pages of notes and, personally, they couldn’t have gone any better – but for now I just want to draw your attention to a couple of things people have been kind enough to tell me about elsewhere in this world we call music:

Duo46 are an interesting-looking violin and guitar duo who specialise in new music. If you’re in Italy, you can catch them now at the Cortona Festival.

And this has been languishing far too long in my inbox and several people have linked it already, but Stephen S. Taylor’s new documentary, The End of New Music deserves a link at the very least. The first screening was actually two weeks ago, but DVDs can be bought through the site. I doubt the film’ll ever make it over to these shores, but from the trailers on the site it looks interesting, and is set to a storming rendition of Fred Rzewski’s Come Together.

We’ll talk more soon…


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