UK rejects music performers’ copyright extension

Good to see that the government is reported to be rejecting calls to extend copyright in sound recordings and performers’ rights. In the face of opposition from Cliff Richard, Katie Melua, Roger Daltrey and a group of star-struck MPs, Gordon Brown looks to be following the sound advice of the Gowers report that he commissioned as Chancellor.

I’m in the rare position of saying, without reservation – good on you, Gordon. You’ve been a model of good sense in all this – a far cry from your opposite number who, in a recent address to the BPI, said that the Conservative Party would play ball and extend copyright terms – in exchange for social responsibility from record companies in the marketing of rap. (Read the full speech here in pdf.) In the face of stiff competition that is quite the silliest response of a politician I’ve heard to the question of music and copyright.

Oh, and if you think it’s ironic that the man who sang “Hope I die before I get old” should be leading the charge to extend performers’ rights to 95 years, don’t worry – the IPKat got there first. And surely I can’t be the only one to note the irony that for The Who – squillionaires all – their wealth has less to do with sitting on their arses watching the royalties come in and more to do with the fact that, as one of the most bankable live acts in the world, they’re still out there, performing.


One thought on “UK rejects music performers’ copyright extension

  1. Nothing to disagree with in much of that, but I feel, in the interests of fairness, oointing out that The Who are NOT squillionaires at all. Townshend has had many well publicized financial difficulties over the years; in fact, I think that in the last five years he was reported to be heavily in debt. The last tour with John Entwistle that The Ox never participated in because he, well, died due to heart failure brought on by cocaine use, was specifically done so that Entwistle’s financial woes would lessen.

    As The Clash sing in Cheapskates

    Just because we’re in a group
    You all think we’re stinking rich
    And we all got the model girls
    Shedding every stitch

    It’s easy to burn through money when your lifestyle is predicated on living in Tudor mansions.

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