Holidays are coming…

Heading off this Thursday for a friend’s wedding in New Haven, CT, then gonna be spending a few days in New York again. Anyone reading who knows some good classical record shops I should see, or ways to avoid the heat, or who wants to hook up – get in touch.


5 thoughts on “Holidays are coming…

  1. No visit to New York was complete for me until I stopped in Other Music. Down the block from where Tower Records used to be. 15 E 4th. St. NYC.

    I haven’t been there for a long time, and the selection is not heavy on classical, but it is the first place I was able to find Eliane Radigue after a quite lengthy search.

    The bonus used to be that the Tower Classical Outlet was across the street, as well, but I don’t expect that’s the case anymore.

  2. Academy is very good BUT bring a portable CD player as you may encounter “bronzing” – whereby CDs from 1988- 1993 manufactured for a few labels (Hyperion being one)had a chemical reaction with the sulfur in the booklet inserts which damaged these CDs. It has happened to me only once But I’d advise it anyway as when Academy purchases used CD they investigate for scratches and the state of the booklet insert — not bronzing damage.

    Also, Virgin record stores on Broadway and 47th Street is pretty good

    Last, Gryphon Books which is now Westsider Books and Records is another good used book and LP, Cd store at 233 West 72nd Street (I believe Broadway) near the Zabar market which is a very good food market and well -known in NYC.

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