Musician Deathwatch | About this list

A long one this week as there’s some catching up to do. Some BIG names in here too 😦

:: Jon Lucien Smooth jazz singer and songwriter
:: Madilu Système Congolese rumba singer
:: John Wallowitch Cabaret singer and songwriter
:: Louis Moyse Founder of the Malboro Music School
:: Rowland Sturges Concert pianist
:: Sal Mosca Jazz pianist
:: Edward Zambara Singing teacher
:: Tikhon Khrennikov First Secretary of the Union of Soviet Composers
:: Tony Wilson Factory records founder
:: Johnny Frigo Jazz violinist and double bassist
:: Max Roach Drummer
:: Alan Blyth Critic
:: Earl Watkins Jazz drummer and union official
:: Lee Hazlewood Songwriter
:: Art Davis Double bassist
:: Florian Pittis Romanian folk musician
:: Tommy Makem Irish folk singer
:: Louis Moyse Flautist and composer
:: ‘Uncle’ Joe Turner Blues drummer
:: Nicola Zaccaria Operatic bass
:: Don Arden Pop manager and promoter
:: Ron Miller Pop songwriter
:: Teresa Stitch-Randall Operatic soprano
:: Jerry Hadley Operatic tenor
:: Johnny Hope Jazz saxophonist
:: Boots Randolph Saxophonist
:: Robert Burns Robert Buras
:: Kelly Johnson Metal guitarist
:: Bill Pinkney Singer with the Drifters
:: Hy Zaret Lyricist
:: Natalia Karp Pianist
:: George Melly Jazz singer
:: Régine Crispin Operatic soprano
:: Dame Thea King Clarinettist and pianist
:: Beverly Sills Opera singer
:: Kim Tolliver Northern Soul singer
:: Sophie Legg Romany singer
:: Billie Beatty Guitarist
:: Hank Medress Doo-wop singer
:: Tony Thompson Singer and songwriter
:: Richard Bell Rock keyboardist and songwriter
:: Mac Morgan Bass-baritone
:: Big Joe Duskin Blues and boogie pianist
:: Rick Gunnell Music promoter
:: Nellie Lutcher Jazz singer and pianist
:: Stack Bundles Rapper
:: Lynne Randell Pop singer
:: Christopher Rowland Violinist and string quartet leader

Rest in Peace.


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