So, my friends got married in New Haven, my girl and I went to NYC, then drove in a big square across Pennsylvania, up to Niagara, across to Albany and back down. It was hot, we ate too much, and loveditloveditlovedit. Oh, what the hell, have some notes and a photolog …

Soundtrack: Mikel Rouse, Music for Minorities (£2 from Academy); Corey Dargel, Removable Parts (This is funny stuff, Corey, but it also creeps me the heck out!)

Wordtrack: Sergei Lukyanenko, Nightwatch; Virginia Woolf, The Waves

Nice to meet you: Alex, Molly (congratulations again! Hope the cold got better!)

Nice to see you again: Corey, Yvan

Good drinkin’: Cherry Wheat beer
Good eatin’: Cafe 28 deli

Best view: the restrooms (seriously!) at the Rainbow Rooms, Rockefeller Center.

Of the Dark: New York’s finest, parked in traffic, going nowhere on a pedestrian crossing, just using your siren to intimidate pedestrians trying to cross on a Walk sign. My best London ‘What the f*ck?!’ gestures won a laugh and not a beating. Also: US border guards at Niagara Falls. The most inappropriately incompetent, lazy, smugly authoritarian individuals I’ve had the misfortune to deal with. And I’ve travelled through Heathrow. Oh, and pointing at an elderly Japanese couple who have been waiting patiently for 20 minutes to be allowed back onto their tour bus and drawling “These folks from Chinatownland …” doesn’t exactly meet your advertised pledges of courtesy and respect, pal.

Keeping the scores even for the Light: the lovely officer of New York State Police who let us off with a warning for hitting 85 on the Interstate… thank you, officer.

Best swing from falling-off-stool delight to goggle-eyed incomprehensibility: girl in martini bar in Buffalo – “You’re from London? Oh, I love London! B-but what are you doing here?!”

WTF-check-your-perspective moment: From TV news: “It’s 101 degrees in Texas at the moment, but don’t worry if you’re going to the game – they’re closing the roof and the air conditioning will be on.” While we Brits worry about the carbon differential between organic and non-organic beef, Texans are air conditioning sports stadia…


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