Ugh. So much to do at the moment, and I’m sooo bored of all of it at the moment. I really want to write something substantial on each the following links, but I just can’t find the spare energy at the moment, so I’ll just point you towards them for now, and maybe come back later.

Guardian Unlimited: Alexander Chancellor: I tried to give classical maestro Pierre Boulez a chance

Journalist approaches music with closed ears, leaves with closed ears, writes about how closed his ears are. Yawn. There’s more to it than that, but you’ll just have to wait.

Update: Tristan Jakob-Hoff responds, but not nearly tough enough. The daft thing is, these arguments are being made about Péter Eötvös, ffs, not Merzbow. I mean, if his sumptious music (built around such radical concepts as drama, harmony, melody and sonic excitement) doesn’t grab you then part of me would like to tear your ears off and give them to someone else who might just appreciate them a bit more. But what do I know? These days even music that richly entertains hundreds of people – diverting them from a Friday night in the pub, even – I’m told is “cacophonous and a bit like hell“.

Kyle Gann: Euro-Postclassicality does exist

Minimalism seems to be crossing my path a lot at the moment (and I’ve never even been to Bangor), and I have much more to add to this post of Kyle’s than a hasty comment.

Alvin Curran: Maritime Rites

I also want to blog about this, which was wonderful. For the time being there are a few pictures and a little video here.
Back soon.


4 thoughts on “Bookmark

  1. “but should art require effort to be understood?” – noble alexander chancellor, the cultural che guevara standing up for the rights of those who want to be spoonfed. i can’t wait for next week’s article, which will include a panning of waiting for godot because “the plot is terrible,” and guarded praise for picasso “even though he can’t do colouring-in properly.”

  2. The brass section on the bank and the band on the barge drowned out everybody else, from where I was standing, including the bells of St Pauls. It was still good, though. Besides, I’ve never noticed the bells from as far away as the Tate anyway.

  3. Ugh. That Guardian blog is a bit of a tired old argument isn’t it? Mind you, Guardian Unlimited users have been descending into debates about things like “is Britney Spears fat” of late, so don’t hold out for too much.

    I’d be really interested to read your thoughts on Maritime Rites. I thought it was astonishing – though would echo what’s been said about the people on the bridge being (ahem) “drowned” a bit. Still, there were a good few hundred people enthralled by clearly contemporary music, in the centre of tourist London, at rush hour. Which is quite amazing. And, if nothing else, it was a brilliant organisational/production feat.

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