Pollini in the Times

Nice interview with Maurizio Pollini in the Times too, in which the pianist is disarmingly unflappable in the face of questions about how no one cares about contemporary music any more:

“Why not play music that has so much beauty?” he asks. “Boulez’s harmonies, for instance, give me joy. … What matters, whether it’s classical or contemporary, is for the performer to make the sense clear: the necessity of the notes.”

2 thoughts on “Pollini in the Times

  1. A very interesting article but I think the following quote from the same should also be commented on: “What we need is action by the majority of musicians to present this [late 20th-century] repertoire so regularly that it becomes a normal part of musical life.” This is a very commendable idea but the problem is that most of us pay our money to be entertained, not to be educated. The world is full of people who are enthusiastic about the weird and wonderful, and want to share their enthusiasm. Pollini is obviously one of them. Now if contemporary composers could get back to their harmonic/melodic roots the audiences would not need to be educated. They may even get to encourage contemporary composers.

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