All the power of a nuclear weapon

Holy crap, it’s Glenn Branca in the Times!

The truth of the matter is that Wagner and Mahler and Bruckner would love to have played this loud – I guarantee you. It’s like having access to your own nuclear weapon or something. It’s a musician’s dream.

Update: And now the Telegraph too!

3 thoughts on “All the power of a nuclear weapon

  1. its surprising people keep buying his pt barnum thing. its performance art masquerading as a musical act. his disney hall show (in los angeles) reminded me of a david blaine magic trick. the real show is watching people who show up to see if anything is going to happen. watching 1000 guitars play wagner, mahler or bruckner would be something, but alas its only glenn branca.

  2. I’m afraid I’d be one of those people who turn up to see what happens, because (a) anyone who writes microtonal music is worth a listen, (b) Branca can write good music sometimes, and (c) I saw Rhys Chatham’s “An Angel Moves to Fast to See” for 100 guitars many years ago and thought it was a fairly underwhelming excuse to get that many guitarists on stage. So now I have to get tickets to the Branca gig for comparison and take sides in the Hundred Guitars War.

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