Musician Deathwatch | About this list

This week we bid farewell to the following members of the musical community:

:: Eric McCredie Singer and guitarist
:: Lady Jaye Breyer P-orridge Psychic TV keyboardist and singer
:: Paul Fox Ruts guitarist and songwriter
:: Paul Raven Killing Joke bassist
:: Henry Mackenzie Jazz saxophonist and composer
:: Tose Proeski Macedonian singer
:: Teresa Brewer Pop singer
:: Lucky Dube South African reggae singer
:: John Thow Composer
:: Margaret Carson Classical music publicist
:: Roy Wallace Decca sound engineer
:: Werner von Trapp Member of the Trapp Family Singers
:: Gary Rideout Opera singer
:: Rob Deacon Record producer
:: Mahlon Clark Clarinettist
:: Clement McWilliam Church organist and composer
:: Ronnie Hazlehurst Television composer
:: Eudice Shapiro Violinist
:: Sebastian Bell Flautist
:: Bruce Benward Music theorist
:: Madilu System Congolese jazz singer and songwriter
:: Robert Savoie Operatic baritone
:: Albert Fuller Harpsichordist, conductor, early music champion
:: Mike Osborne Jazz saxophonist
:: Specs Powell Swing drummer
:: Graham Whettam Composer
:: Oskar Morawetz Composer and pianist
:: Stephen Bicknell Organ designer and scholar
:: Bobby Byrd R ‘n’ B singer, pianist and songwriter, credited with discovering James Brown
:: Aldemaro Romero Jazz pianist and composer
:: Bill Barber Tuba player
:: Willie Tee Keyboardist, singer, songwriter and producer

Rest in Peace.


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