2007 British Composer Awards shortlist

The shortlist for the 2007 British Composer Awards was announced last Friday (although the list isn’t yet published on the official website). I’ve not heard enough of the pieces on the list to have many opinions on who should win, but if I were a betting man, I’d say Jonathan Dove, Martin Suckling and Brett Dean look good for your money, and probably Jem Finer and Gwilym Simcock too.

Chamber –
Brian Ferneyhough: String Quartet No 5
Simon Holt: 4 Quarters
Patrick Nunn: Escape Velocity

Choral [includes works for choir & orchestra] –
Julian Anderson: Heaven is Shy of Earth
Francis Grier: The Passion of Jesus of Nazareth
Mark-Anthony Turnage: A Relic of Memory

Community or Educational Project –
Stephen Deazley: Thrie Heids
Jonathan Dove and Matthew King: Hear Our Voice
Edward McGuire: Ring of Strings

Instrumental Solo or Duo –
George Benjamin: Piano Figures
Harrison Birtwistle: Crowd
Jonathan Harvey: Run Before Lightning

International Award –
Derek Bermel: Soul Garden
Brett Dean: Wolf-Lieder
Wolfgang Rihm: Verwandlung

Liturgical –
Richard Causton: Jesu, sweete sone dear
Gabriel Jackson: Orbis patrator optime
Tarik O’Regan: Threshold of Night

Making Music Award –
Howard Jones: The Illusion of Progress
Joanna Lee: whippoorwill
Martin Suckling: Mosaic

New Media (only two works shortlisted) –
Jem Finer: Score for a Hole in the Ground
Janek Schaefer: Vacant Space

Orchestral –
Thomas Adès: Tevot
James Dillon: Piano Concerto ‘Andromeda’
Jonathan Harvey: Body Mandala

Stage Works –
Jonathan Dove: The Enchanted Pig
Stephen McNeff: Tarka the Otter
Lynne Plowman: House of the Gods

David Horne: Life’s Splinters
Oliver Knussen: Requiem – Songs for Sue
David Matthews: Terrible Beauty

Wind Band or Brass Band –
David Horne: Waves and Refrains
Edwin Roxburgh: An Elegy for Ur
Gwilym Simcock: Lichfield Suite

As is traditional with such events, you can also vote for the Radio 3 Listeners’ Award too (details, complete streaming soundclips and voting form are here.)


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