Cliff Richard goes it online

‘Cliff Richard pulls a Radiohead’ says the Guardian headline. It turns out that Sir Cliff has come up with a brand new pricing initiative for his latest album, to be released online on 12th November.

Cliff Richard, who next year celebrates 50 years since the release of his debut single, Move It, has promised his loyal army of fans that the more of them buy his new album, the less it will cost.

Sounds great. The devil’s in the detail though:

Depending on the number of people who register to buy the mixture of new covers and his own hits ahead of its release on November 12, it will cost a maximum of £7.99 and a minimum of £3.99. For every person who downloads it, the price will drop by a penny.

Hmm – £3.99 sounds like a good price for an online album sale (apparently sales of Radiohead’s In Rainbows are averaging around this), and yay to Sir Cliff for that. But the rest of the ‘creative marketing’ pitch, let’s face it, is just insurance against fewer than 400 people pre-ordering.


One thought on “Cliff Richard goes it online

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