Stockhausen obituaries

Set sail for the sun


Play a tone for so long
until you hear its individual vibrations


Hold the tone
and listen to the tones of the others
– to all of them together, not to individual ones –
and slowly move your tone
until you arrive at complete harmony
and the whole sound turns to gold
to pure, gently shimmering fire

Stockhausen Verlag

:: Press release
:: Memorial booklet (pdf)


:: Guardian
:: BBC
:: AP
:: Reuters
:: Billboard
:: Bloomberg
:: LA Times
:: New York Times
:: Telegraph
:: Brian Eno interviewed by John Humphreys on Today, BBC Radio 4 (mp3, 5MB)
:: Friends and collaborators remember (Guardian)
:: Philip Hensher (Independent)
:: Montreal Gazette

Blogs and other media

Too many to mention, but here’s a representative cross section (ANAblog has way way more, and still more):

:: Baltimore
:: Guardian – Comment is free
:: Wired
:: Alex Ross
:: Ludickid
:: Re*ac*tor
:: Christopher DeLaurenti
:: Green Cine Daily
:: ANAblog
:: Sequenza 21
:: Obscene Jester
:: Renewable Music
:: Sounds and Fury
:: My own contribution (Bits of News)


3 thoughts on “Stockhausen obituaries

  1. This month Artforum publishes reflections on Karlheinz Stockhausen by Robin Maconie, La Monte Young, Morton Subotnick, Irvine Arditti, Pierre-Laurent Aimard, and Björk. Maconie, Subotnick, and Björk’s pieces have been published online, and we would be grateful if you would link to them. Here’s the URL:

    Maconie’s is the longer piece; Subotnick and Björk’s texts begin on page six of the online article.

    Thanks in advance for your consideration.

    Best wishes,
    Brian Sholis Editor

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