Pre-Christmas stocking

Lots of lovely links for you:

Open Democracy reprints a Virginia Anderson essay on Cardew from last year.

Check WNYC tonight for a run-down of Anne Midgette’s top 10 classical albums of the year.

New Music Box profiles Jason Eckardt (also see his site).

EMI/Terra Firma are playing a blinder at the moment: Radiohead: QUIT (“Terra Firma doesn’t understand the music industry”); Paul MacCartney: QUITS (“I’d felt [the people at EMI] had become really very boring, y’know? And I dreaded going to see them”); Robbie Williams: thinking about QUITTING (“I would be very wary about signing him to any major label at the moment” says his manager). Remember, kids – downloads are destroying the music industry, not corporate mismanagement.

Meanwhile, the Deutsche Grammophon store announces 50,000+ downloads in its first week.

And Eighth Blackbird‘s Aussie raves about London manners, the cleanliness and efficiency of our public transport (!), and government arts funding. Dude – re that last, you need to take a look at the news from Western Australia. (Meanwhile, the less cheery news arrives that the London Musicians’ Collective may be about to have their funding trimmed to £0.00. More on which later.)


4 thoughts on “Pre-Christmas stocking

  1. including claims that the company wasted millions of pounds on a Mayfair property worth £5.6m, spent extravagantly on candles and flowers

    Translation: “….spent extravagantly on candles and flowers” = the drug budget.

    Radiohead sure can be prats at times though–I find their stance around the whole In Rainbows saga to be more than a bit smug and self-serving. I mean, they’d already made their name and money so it was easy for them to basically give the album away free as a download before it shipped as a physical product. What about a new band though? Everyone says “MySpace! MySpace! Music blogs!” but, shocking as it sounds, not everyone goes to bands websites or MySpace pages. Record companies fulfilled a vital function: tour support. If you’re not a commercially oriented, Top 40 dance-pop act, who’s going to pay for you to tour your ass off to build a fan base?

    I have no brief for the record industry, but what’s on offer for the future doesn’t look so hot either.

  2. Believe me, when the best public transport system in Australia boasts maybe one train every 15 minutes during rush hour and a service that shuts down altogether at night sometime between 11 and 1, depending on when they feel like it, London is a kind of utopia in comparison.

    Also, time spent in a city before someone starts chroming in your train carriage:
    a) Melbourne: 3 days
    b) London: 2.5 years and counting

    Thanks for pointing out the article on Cardew.

  3. [dismissive wave of hand] God God, you English and Australians live in a public transport paradise compared to my hometown, Los Angeles. I want to get really stoned and drunk before going to a production of the musical <iHair on
    Saturday. Driving, obviously, is a no go. Based on where I live, there’s no viable bus or train option, so I’m going to have to spend $20 each way or more for a cab.

    Sorry if I’m sounding like one of the men in Monty Python’s Four Yorkshiremen sketch (“You want to complain! In my day, we worked 25 hours a day” etc.).

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