Musician Deathwatch | About this list

This week we bid farewell to the following members of the musical community:

:: Margaret Truman Singer, writer, President’s daughter
:: Madeleine Milhaud Composer’s widow
:: Tommy McQuater Trumpeter
:: Andy Palacio Garifuna musician
:: Lew Spence Songwriter
:: Evelyn Barbirolli Oboist
:: Pete Candoli Trumpeter
:: Dave Day Monks banjo player
:: Rod Allen Lead singer with the Fortunes
:: Ken Nelson Talent scout and record producer
:: Joel Dorn Producer at Atlantic Records
:: John Stewart Singer-songwriter
:: Joan Ingpen Impresario
:: Jon Stoll Indie rock promoter
:: Mort Garson Composer and arranger
:: Larry Hartzell Musicologist
:: Harald Genzmer Composer
:: Ruth Wallis Cabaret singer-songwriter
:: Sweet Louie Smith R&B singer
:: Pat Kirkwood Musical theatre actress
:: Weepin’ Willie Blues singer
:: Leonard B. Meyer Theorist and composer
:: Carlo Felice Cillario Opera conductor
:: Tyrone Taylor Reggae singer
:: Valda Aveling Harpsichordist and pianist

Rest in Peace.


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