Open Access scholarly journals

Apophenia has a great post on boycotting locked-down academic journals. I might have mentioned it before, but as a humanities scholar, I’m completely in awe of how sorted the sciences have got themselves over open access publication – just look at Amazing.

Until we get something like that, here’s a list of open access music journals, compiled by DOAJ. One that they don’t include, because issue 1 has only just come out, is Search, a journal for new music and culture. Contributors to this first issue include Frank Cox, Wieland Hoban and Martin Iddon, so you have an idea on its aesthetic focus, but it looks like an excellent new publication.

Update:  In the comments  below, Mike van Eerden draws attention to another open access journal resource, and one tailored specifically for the humanities: Search Pigeon. SP isn’t quite the same as arXiv, which parallel-publishes articles otherwise available only in commercial journals, but it looks like a well-organised and growing resource for seeking OA publications.

One thought on “Open Access scholarly journals

  1. Hello Rambler,

    I have been working independently on a project that half-fits your bill. It is called, and it searches English-language (or primarily English-language) Open Access Journals for the Arts and Humanities, using Google Coop custom search engines.
    In addition, it lists these journals according to half a dozen generic topics (Philosophy, Religion, Art/Literature/Cultural Studies, Social Sciences, etc), and offers links to each one, often including also an on-site abstract describing the journal.
    Yesterday I was given a plug at Open Access News, and I would appreciate it if you would give me a plug here, if you like the project. You can find it at “”. And I just added the Search Journal for New Music and Culture to the appropriate CSE half an hour ago.

    Hope it’s what you’re looking for!
    Mike van Eerden

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