Musician Deathwatch | About this list

This week we bid farewell to the following members of the musical community:

:: Alun Hoddinott Composer
:: Stephen “Static Major” Garrett Hiphop producer
:: Bobby Lee Trammell Rock and roll singer
:: Norman Smith Recording engineer
:: Steve Harris Jazz drummer
:: Leonard Rosenman Film composer
:: Ray Kane Slack-key guitarist
:: William Clemmer Jazz pianist
:: Jeff Healey Blues-rock guitarist, singer and songwriter
:: Giuseppe di Stefano Operatic tenor
:: Joe Gibbs Reggae producer
:: Mike Smith Lead singer of The Dave Clark 5
:: Ivan Rebroff Singer
:: Buddy Miles Hendrix drummer
:: Chris Townson Drummer with John’s Children
:: Josephine M. Salzillo Trumpeter
:: Larry Norman Inventor of ‘Jesus rock’
:: Teo Macero Record producer
:: Yegor Letov ‘The Russian Sid Vicious’
:: Jim Jones Pere Ubu guitarist
:: Allen Strange Electronic composer
:: Richard Westenburg Choral conductor
:: John Brunious Jazz trumpeter
:: Elias Tanenbaum Composer
:: Clyde Otis Songwriter and producer
:: Henri Salvador Cabaret singer
:: Inga Nielsen Operatic soprano
:: Bobby Relf Soul singer
:: Freddie Bell Rock ‘n’ roll singer

Rest in Peace.


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