HDtracks launched

HDtracks logo

Another tasty music download site, recently launched: HDtracks

From their home page:

We offer thousands of titles across a multitude of musical genres and in-depth information about the artists and albums. When you purchase a complete album from HDtracks you will receive a PDF file containing the cover art and liner notes.

We offer CD-quality music in your choice of three formats — AIFF, FLAC, and 320 kbps MP3. Plus, our downloads are always DRM-free, so they can be played everywhere, including home music servers and MP3 players (including iPods).

The site is still in its early stages, so downloads are only Windows compatible at the moment, and for now it’s only available in the USA. The list of labels on board so far is modest, but of high quality, and includes Mode, New Albion, Tzadik and Wigmore Hall Live.

A large part of HDT’s appeal is the combination of high definition files and liner notes, a policy Deutsche Grammophon initiated when they launched last year, but which has been common practice amongst mp3 bloggers for some time now. Both also offer DRM-free files, a trend that has become almost compulsory for new online music retailers in the last year or two, forcing the big guns to tentatively rethink their own policies; is it too much to hope that liner notes and the option of high definition downloads will also catch on?


2 thoughts on “HDtracks launched

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    A long time ago (maybe two years?) you left a comment on a blog of mine (about Iggy Pop) and gave me some advice concerning formatting. I don’t know if I ever thanked you at the time, but I should have. It was very nice of you to go out of your way to give me the advice. So, late, but… THANK YOU!

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